Can psychotherapy or counseling really help?

 Yes.  90% of the 4000 people who responded to a Consumer Report survey (1995) said they were managing life better after therapy.  The survey showed that therapy which lasted more than 6 months was reported as more effective than shorter-term therapies.

How does psychotherapy work?

Through developing a trusting relationship with a therapist, individuals are more able to explore their thoughts and feelings. Often they report relief from symptoms. Over time, individuals find they are able to make choices in their lives from a position of greater self-knowledge and acceptance. Therapy can be considered an emotional education, providing benefits that last a lifetime.

  What is group therapy?

   Group psychotherapy is guided by a professionally trained psychotherapist and takes place with a small number of people meeting together regularly.  Group therapy is recognized as being an effective and affordable treatment for many people, and has been widely used for over 60 years.

   A therapeutic group provides a place to learn about yourself and improve your interpersonal relationships.  We all have experience being members of groups, whether in families, school, work or other organizations.  Group therapy provides a place to share concerns, better understand your own situation and learn from and about others.  Group therapy can be very helpful in addressing feelings of depression, anxiety and isolation.